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London Airports Location with Map

London is the world most popular city and they have most tourist also. Before traveling to London, England, you must need to know London Airports Location to enjoy your safe journey. Because it's important for you and it's help to travel fast for domestic or international flights. However, you also can enjoy London Airport Bus services immediately. It will save you time and of course money.

There are many airports in London city and you must need to know about them. Any time you can enjoy London Airlines services for best service. In fact, you also can enjoy cheap flights under these domestic or international airports in London, United Kingdom.

London Airports Location

Are you planning to travel London? Okay good decision and thanks for your planning. Because London is the world most popular and largest city. However this is world's economic center also. So you need to Visit London to enjoy it's beauty and to meet various nation people. In this post, today I gonna share all London airports to make your journey safe, pleasure and enjoyable. So let's get started..
London Airports Map

1. London City Airport

London city airport is one of the public and international airport in London, United Kingdom. It was founded in 1987 at Silvertown, London. If you need cheapest London airlines deals, then you can go there and book your ticket from booking counter. Or you can book from online also. Read also KFC London Food Menu.
  • Address: Hartmann Road, Royal Dock, London - E16 2PX 
  • Phone Number: +44 207 646 0000 
  • City Airport Code: LCY

2. London Heathrow Airport

Heathrow is one of the major international airport in London. In fact, this is one of the most busiest airport in the world. After landing, you can go Heathrow to Central London within 15 minutes. That means, it's closely nearest in the London City Center. If you need to go Heathrow to London or London to Heathrow, then you can save your time and money.
  • Address: Longford TW6, London, UK
  • Phone Number: +44 844 335 1801
  • Heatrow Airport Code: LHR

3. London Gatwick Airport

Are you looking for London International Airport? Gatwick is one of the major international airport in UK and also busiest in Europe. Using this airport, you can connected to the world and also national transport. For safe and fastest flights, you can use this airport as your trusted travel partner. After landing from plane, you can easily or immediately go Gatwick to Central London. Because it's also near the city.
  • Address: Horley, Gatwick, London - RH6 0NP, UK
  • Phone Number: +44 844 892 0322
  • Gatwick Airport Code: LGW

4. London Luton Airport

There are many airports near London city. Luton international airport is one of the busiest and popular of them. It's located in Luton town center and that's also another important airport in London, England. Under the Luton Borough Council, this airport controlled. For your safest and great journey, simply you can choose them.
  • Address: Airport Way, Luton, London, UK - LU2 9LY
  • Phone Number: +44 1582 405100
  • Luton Airport Code: LTN

5. London Stansted Airport

Beside London, you can choose Standsted airport for your safest air journey. If you looking for airports near London, then you choose it. Because after landing, you can easily go to London city center with less than one hour. Sometimes travelers search for London airports location and they got previous airports which I shared already. But trust me, it's another popular international airport for it's awesome server and cool environment. You also read Pubs near London Bridge.
  • Address: Bassingbourn Road, Standsted, London, Great Britain - CM24 1QW
  • Phone Number: +44 844 335 1803
  • Stansted Airport Code: STN

6. London Southend Airport

Since 1960s, Southend Airport help passengers to travel safely to London and also the world. It's near the sea and that's awesome for passengers. However, it's 36 miles away from the central London. Just take your journey and visit London safely.
  • Address: Essex Southland-on-Sea, London - SS2 6YF
  • Phone Number: +44 1702 538500
  • Southend Airport Code: SEN
I've shared top 6 airports in London city. If you love London and planning to travel, then here I share London Airports Location. Just take your flights one of them and arrive to enjoy the sight and beauty of London, United Kingdom. Coz, it's great place for you and you can learn something new.
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